We value our customers. Please call us any time at 213 800-3112. Or email us icetimeapparel@gmail.com
Since 1997 Ice Time Apparel has carried an amazing collection of clothing & accessories for ice sports, hockey, soccer, lacrosse and figure skating.

About Ice Time Apparel

Ice Time Apparel began in 1997.

Clothing designer and competitive figure
skater Vicki Costanzo
started a small business.
Since then, Ice Time Apparel has sold fitness all over the world.

We carry novelty clothing for figure skating, hockey, soccer, lacrosse and fitness.
Half of our clothing line is manufactured in the USA.

There's something for nearly everyone.

Thank you for shopping in our store. We value your business.

Our mailing address is
2021 Peyton Ave. S-213
Burbank, CA 91504

Telephone (213)800-3112

Located in Burbank, CA since 1997.
Registered with the Federal Trade Commission, RN # 99473.
Registered with the State Board of Equalization in Sacramento, CA.


Ice Time Apparel offers a 30 day return policy. Sales and discounted items may be exchanged only. Hang tags must be left attached to clothes. Clothing cannot show any sign of wear.

We must be able to resell the garment. If we cannot resell the garment we cannot exchange or refund. We do not refund shipping charges.
Great Things!
Competitive Prices.
Excellent customer service.
Amazing clothing for women,men,teens, boys and girls.

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